Welcome – Landscape Photography Australia

Australia is such a wonderfully diverse land; its beauty transcends many different eco systems and generations. Many of the places we visit enjoy, and marvel at today are places of creation, landscapes so old that our lifetimes are but a blink of an eyelid, and for those willing to sit around a while, what a story they have to tell.

Nature reminds me to look at the bigger picture, when I ‘go bush’ to capture my photographs, I feel I’m ‘getting back to it’, rather than ‘getting away from it all’.

I hope that my Australian panoramic landscape photographs will bring reflection and tranquility into busy lives and that for a moment each time you look at the photograph you are reminded of the wonder and timelessness of nature. I hope that people will be inspired to take time out to enjoy the journey rather than be single minded in reaching their destination.

I seek perfection with every panoramic landscape photograph I take, trying to capture light and mood in order to create images of immense individuality, to capture the essence that defines our unique Australian wilderness.