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The Local Go To On Christmas Island – Flying Fish Cove

By July 17, 2023August 17th, 2023No Comments

Go to places, every place has one. That place everybody gravitates to, partly because it’s uncomplicated,  partly because it’s fun and offers lots to many.

Accessible and straightforward with something for everyone, regardless of age and energy level. Certainly, a place to simply be with friends to do as much or as little as the moment warrants.

On Christmas Island, this place is Flying Fish Cove. Does your hometown or favourite holiday destination have a place that fits this description?

Flying Fish Cove is everything to everyone. Regardless of where you live or are staying, this unique location is only five minutes away.

It’s the epitome of a meeting place, Christmas Island‘s gateway to adventure or haven for relaxation. It’s an incredibly laid-back and tranquil location.

Last rays of the day, sunset at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island.


The Cove, as it’s affectionately known, is the pulse of Christmas Island. All roads lead there. It’s akin to a gravitational force that gently takes you by the hand leading you in its direction.

Often, the simple things in life are the most memorable. Unforgettable for the joy they bring and the recollections they create through time spent absorbing them.

Flying Fish Cove is a place you engage with. The more you interact with it the more extraordinary the experiences it enriches you with.

The Cove is where the reef meets the island and you can immerse in both. It will always entice you with something it’s a tantalising mix of what if’s.

Time of day, weather or your mood, will all determine what you do on any given visit.

Flying Fish Cove, where the reef is accessible to all.

Straight off the beach and onto the reef.

As spectacular as the cove is to observe, its true beauty lies beneath the water. The water’s surface acts like a veil of mystery for the wonder that engulfs below, awaiting your exploration.

Titan Trigger Fish.

Capturing memories.

One of the thousands. Tropical fish are everywhere.

Reached easily off the beach or by jumping off the jetty‘s end, warm tropical waters invite you to explore.

Below is a spellbinding kaleidoscope of colour, Coral gardens provide refuge for an assortment of marine critters the scene will fascinate you.

A myriad of different colour corals hide an assortment of tropical fish that will captivate you. Bigger more prized sightings such as turtles, moray eels, spinner dolphins and white-tipped reef sharks are regularly sighted.

Turtles frequently visit the cove.

Out passed the Drop-off.

White-tipped reef shark.

This snorkel is full of wow moments. None more so than the spellbinding moment you swim out over the drop-off, for the first time.

Near vertical, this perpendicular drop is where the reef ends and the big blue begins.

What’s more, an eerie feeling bestows you as you swim beyond it. Finding Nemo enters your head, “Don’t leave the safety of the reef”, however, like in Nemo adventure awaits.

The Drop-off. The end of the reef and the beginning of the big blue.


Diving down and catching a glimpse of the corals attached to the rock here is exceptional. It’s mind-blowing to think the ocean floor drops away to a depth of 500m and you are only fifty meters off the beach.

Moreover, in season you are a chance to sight and swim with a Whaleshark, the prospect, the hope oh the possibility.

Furthermore, it isn’t any wonder that Flying Fish Cove is rated one of the best shore dives in the world. When locals and visitors no matter how many times they have seen it are continuously drawn to it, with anticipation.

View from above—one of the best shore dives in the world.


Saltwater is the drug of choice while down at the Cove. Whether you are on top of it in a kayak, boat or stand-up paddle board. Or in it simply enjoying a swim, it’s futile to resist.

Kayaking is a fantastic means of fun.

Kids living their best lives, Jetty jumping.

Perfect for a swim.

Adventure seekers should complete a  jetty jump, somewhat of a Christmas Island right of passage.

In addition, the foreshore is lined with grass and coconut palms with barbeques and rotundas to enjoy. The Cove faces west and is an excellent place to catch a sunset, sunsets are like the final credits to a great day.

Beautiful place to just take a moment.

 Views don’t come much better than this.

In addition to all the activity, exercise, social interaction and relaxation the Cove accommodates daily, late afternoon drinks or early morning coffee are undeniably enjoyable. There’s a seat or a coconut palm just waiting to accommodate the moment.

Perennially the Red Crabs love it too, it’s an incredible location to enjoy each stage of the migration.

Red Crabs love some time at Flying Fish Cove.


It may not be the geographical centre of Christmas Island, but, it certainly is the spiritual centre.

Most importantly, it’s a safe, fun and social place to worry less and relax more. Even if somebody doesn’t know your name they will smile and wave to make up for it.

The foreshore is a prime location to watch the wet season storms, roll in over Flying Fish Cove.

 Unquestionably a combination. Fishing, jetty and sunset.

Unquestionably, there are indeed many varied and exciting,  places to visit while on Christmas Island all without a doubt worthy and memorable. However, like coffee in the morning, Flying Fish Cove is the one place you always find yourself and never miss.

Without reservation, Flying Fish Cove is a loved part of Christmas Island life.


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