Our Niche

Before we had kids our life was adventurous, long haul flights and long road trips, hiking, surfing, fishing, snorkelling and 4WD. Eating out, experiencing new things there was very little we wouldn’t have a go at.

Once we had kids we were not prepared to give it up, so we modified things and took them with us they become part of our adventure.
That’s the biggest thing we would like to get across that having kids doesn’t mean you have to stop doing everything you love, especially travel. You just have to do it a little differently.

Make your kids part of the adventure not the reason why the adventure stopped.

For our kids hiking, snorkelling, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, 4WD, swimming under waterfalls, long road trips & long haul flights, eating different foods are all just part of the deal of life all opportunities afforded to them through travel and adventure.

We would like to help you achieve it too.

Take the kids, they’ll thank you for it later in life.