Australian Panoramic Landscape Photographer Will Parker

Australian Panoramic Landscape Photographer Will Parker

My Story

Some five years ago, I decided there was more to life than the daily grind of working long hours. Giving up my job at age 26 as a swimming teacher and brickie’s labourer, I bought a kombi van and my first camera and headed north for what I expected to be a one year trip around Australia.

“There has to be something better than this,” I said of my former life in Melbourne when I would get up in the dark and come home in the dark.

Having traveled overseas through such places as Thailand, Nepal and India the seed of discovery was sown. Upon returning home, I worked flat out for six months saving the lot. It was my Dad who saw the discontent and guessed I was going to be shortly on my way again. Not having a photo to show for my previous overseas travels Dad said, “At least get a camera and send a few photos home to your Mum”, opening the door for me to discover my life’s purpose.

Completely self taught, I read, asked questions and experimented. Over a period of time some good photographs came my way. Enough people told me my work was good; furthermore some even thought it good enough to pay me for it!

The interest was fast turning into an obsession, the thought passing through my mind I may well have captured what I was looking for and discovered within myself a latent talent for Australian landscape photography.

It was not too long before I discovered the camera that was going to enable me to take photographs of the Australian landscape the way I saw them or the way I was looking at it, a large format panoramic camera.

My photographic images became a medium in which I was able to describe what I was seeing and how I saw it; each image being a document, not vocal or written, but visual a window to a scene, a moment of time.

That one year turned into five then ten and now it has turned into a lifestyle.

As things stand today they have progressed a fair bit over the past years I have spent a great deal of my time in the Kimberley of Western Australia, based in Broome. Broome and Kimberley Photography has been a huge part of my life, and the amount of Panoramic landscape photographs from this region released as limited edition art prints and fine art landscape photographs on the site is testament to this.

These panoramic landscape photographs are a unique, insight into the wilderness and breathtaking beauty of the natural world in the Kimberley and other regions of Western Australia and Australia.