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Hiking Boots Before Bathers In Christmas Island Wilderness

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Coconut Palms galore.


Tropical Islands evoke vivid images of long white beaches lined with coconut palms.

Captivating azure water, warm and crystal clear, and so wildly beautiful to the eye. Picture postcard beaches are often overwhelmingly irresistible.

Certainly, many islands fit this description, It describes The Cocos Keeling Islands perfectly.

Despite that, tropical islands are not all alike.

Nevertheless, for something different, yet equally as beautiful, Christmas Island certainly ticks all the boxes.

Christmas Island  It’s a wild and fascinating expanse, known as “The Rock”.

It’s defiant in a vast mirage of blue, it lives, breathes and thrives.

Wild and remote
Island Geography

Unquestionably distinctive and exquisitely unique, this island definitely weathers the enduring and shifting moods of the Indian Ocean.

The surrounding ocean around Christmas Island descends deep,  what’s more, sections are up to 1km to the sea floor.

The land mass that creates the island is the summit of a submarine mountain, part of the Java Trench.

In addition, more of the island sits under the water than above it.

Explaining why a reef fringes much of the island, terraced above and below the ocean surface.

The island’s shoreline has many sharp and hard rocks. They’re made of limestone and have a volcanic appearance.


Deep blue oceans and a shoreline of craggy, sharp rocks.
Like the Red Crabs

It’s like Christmas Island wants you to explore its beaches from its tropical rainforest interior outwards.

Emulating the red crabs who once a year migrate from the rainforest to the sea.

Like the crabs marching from the island’s interior to the sea, it seems visitors likewise are encouraged to do the same.

And tread well-worn paths to tropical oasis.

Jungle hikes add adventure to a trip to the beach
The Path Less Travelled

Jungle walks often see the sky disappear as the rainforest canopy closes in above. Humidity rises as the breeze dissipates, and sweat drips from your forehead. Furthermore, your shirt under your pack is completely moist.

Every beach seems miles away.

Orb spiders often hang at nose height. Equally important, the trick is to be alert to them before walking through their webs.

Easier said than done on occasion.

What’s more, rocks are sharp. watch where you put your hands and avoid tripping and falling at all costs.

In Addition, Boobie Bird’s cries reverberate through the forest, their scat lines the track, but they remain invisible.

Finally, ocean sounds, refreshing breeze, beach nearby, secret soon to be revealed.

The path less travelled leads to a reward on Christmas Island. But only after completing the hike, a right of passage of sorts.

Tropical Adventure

This tropical wonderland will have you exploring nooks and crannies walking secluded beaches and coves swimming in warm azure waters.

In addition, enjoy rock pools that will rival the world’s best infinity pools.


One of many hidden beaches and coves.


The trade-off to experiencing this marvellous seclusion and wild remoteness isit’s walking boots before bathers on Christmas Island.

Palm trees coupled with relaxed tropical vibes. Christmas Island does it well.

What sets it apart, is rainforest, wildlife and wilderness, it’s Jurassic in appearance and temperament.


Flying Fish Cove did someone say beautiful


Great swathes of Christmas Island’s 80km of shoreline remain untouched.  With rainforest meeting the ocean over large portions of its expanse.

With only a handful of spots where you can pull up in a vehicle and have the beach right in front of you.

Enjoying warm tropical beaches on Christmas Island first requires a jungle hike, and being immersed in its rainforest.

Christmas Island is a tapestry of wildlife, beaches, cultures and wilderness. Moreover, as beautiful as the island’s beaches are they are but only one piece of a marvellous sensory puzzle.


Ocean pools of exquisite beauty


The Rock is everything you are looking for in a tropical island and lots you didn’t expect to find yet are glad you did.

Destinations that captivate and capture imaginations plant seeds of Wow. Therefore let the curiosity and wilderness of Christmas Island engulf you.

What’s more, all you need is a healthy sense of adventure a good pair of hiking boots and of course your bathers.


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