Will Parker sitting with cameraGuarantee of Quality

Effort – Australian Landscape Photographer Will Parker

As an Australian landscape photographer the endeavour and persistence required to successfully capture Australian Landscape Photos is sometimes ultimately cast aside by greater forces than my determination to capture the Australian wilderness in all its grandeur. There have been many occasions when I have visited locations which have taken considerable effort to reach only to return empty handed, there are many elements such as weather changers and at times injury which conspire against you, however it is these same elements that can make for some of the most exciting moments. When in the field which can sometimes be for days, sometimes for weeks on end sudden climatic changes can bring the greatest rewards and hardships together it can be a real roses and thorns moment at times, however I would not trade it for the world.

Having driven thousands of kilometres throughout the vast continent of Australia, my adventurous spirit and desire has seen me hike many more, perfecting the virtue of patience and persistence. Immense time   and effort has gone into being in the right place at the right time in order to capture the many moods of the Australian Wilderness.

Once I have returned from a trip, the effort does not stop, at Will Parker Photography I have surrounded myself with industry leaders, professionals in film processing, high end scanning, printing, mounting and framing, website design all of which brings together the best possible end product to you, an investment of a Will Parker Australian Landscape Photo. To view Limited Edition Australian Landscape Photos click here.

My Equipment

I use a highly specialised large format panoramic camera, to capture my Australian Landscape Photos, this camera allows me to capture the same field of view as my eyes . It requires 120 roll film and I get four 6x17cm transparencies per roll of film. It is by using the very best of photographic equipment like my Linhof camera with Schneider lenses and Fuji Velvia 50 iso film, that enables me to achieve my ambition of capturing the Australian wilderness.

Image Selection – Fine Art Australian Landscape Photos

After a trip and once all the processing of film has been done and cataloguing of transparencies completed, the process begins, in selecting which Will Parker Australian Landscape Photos will be used. The images are broken up into two groups Open Editions and Limited Editions. There could be many hundreds of images to choose from, however after careful editing the collection is broken down into a selection of photos which are carefully scrutinised until the final selection is made.  Only the exceptional photographic images will be used as Will Parker Limited Edition Panoramic Landscape Photos the remainder will be open edition photographs. To view Limited Edition Australian Landscape Photos click here.

Printing – Fine Art Australian Landscape Photos

All Will Parker Australian Landscape Photos are professional, high quality, hand crafted digital photographic prints on Fuji Flex Crystal Archive photographic paper. Prepared files are sent to the Durst Lambda 76 digital laser enlarger, which exposes the images with high intensity red, green and blue lasers, directly onto the Fuji Flex material. After exposure the image undergoes traditional chemical processing. Once out of the processer, each print is individually, meticulously inspected for spots and flaws and rectified or reprinted as necessary before being packaged in a special non scratch wrapping material. This combination of painstaking process and leading technologies results in the highest quality photographic print. – For more info on photographic paper click here